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brick building, brick architecture © Trieu Chien

The Brick Award: Celebrating Innovative Brick Architecture

Homes that should last for generations need groundbreaking architecture: This is where the Brick Award comes in. It honors outstanding, sustainable brick projects.

18.04.2024 6 min

A residential building in the heart of the city stands out like a palace, with the skillful use of light and shadow adding a sense of vitality to the elongated brick facade. Beneath the trees in the inner courtyard, a group of elderly residents sits chatting while keeping a watchful eye on the laughing children playing nearby. This building is more than just a place to live; it offers residents a sustainable and for-ever home. The project also shows us what the future can look like – welcome to the World of the Brick Award.

Selected Winners of the Brick Award

Tsingpu Yangzhou Retreat. Courtyard view
© Pedro Pegenaute
2232 Emmenweid. Brick Award 22 Category "Working together". Baumschlager Eberle Architekten. Photo of building
© René Dürr
Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Museum. Hallway view
© schranimage / Studio Zhu Pei
Iturbide Studio; room, modern tile architecture
© Rafael Gamo
House from above
© Rafi Segal, Monica Hutton, Andrew Brose

Picturesque hotel in China: The building blends traditional architecture and sustainability. This project by Neri&Hu Design and Research Office won the Brick Award 22 in the category “Building outside the box”.

International Competition: Construction Projects Built with Clay

Withstand extreme weather events, regulate the indoor climate and impress with their long lifespan - bricks can do all this and more. Which is why in 2004 wienerberger launched the Brick Award to celebrate the natural and timeless construction material. Every two years, the competition provides a stage for innovative and sustainable building projects from all over the world. The winning entries showcase a wide range of colors, shapes, brick types and manufacturers. Competition judges also appreciate projects that make use of reclaimed clay bricks or that remodel or extend existing properties.

“The Brick Award shines a spotlight on modern and sustainable brick architecture. It gives architects from all over the world the opportunity to submit their work and showcase their outstanding creative skills,” says wienerberger CEO Heimo Scheuch. The independent preselection jury and the jury of internationally renowned architects take a variety of criteria into account when reaching their decisions. These include design, function, closed loop recycling management, energy efficiency, climate resilience and how social issues such as affordable housing are dealt with.

“The Brick Award shines a spotlight on modern and sustainable brick architecture. It gives architects from all over the world the opportunity to submit their work and showcase their outstanding creative skills.”

Heimo Scheuch

Heimo Scheuch


Daniel Hinterramskogler

Pioneering Architecture: The Brick Award is 20 Years Old

Today, 20 years after the award was presented for the first time, the spotlight will again focus on contemporary brick architecture and the talents behind it. The categories in the Brick Award cover a wide range of building projects - from housing solutions and commercial buildings to public spaces, unconventional buildings and open spaces. All this highlights the varied application options for bricks.

Furthermore, a platform for forward-looking brick architecture has grown up around the award. Symposia broaden the dialogue while InsighTours offer architecture enthusiasts the opportunity to explore a selection of the nominated projects with a local architect. In a nutshell: The Brick Award celebrates not just buildings and spaces, but also a spirit of innovation and responsibility. The award-winning projects and those that receive nominations demonstrate that brick is far more than just a construction material. It inspires timeless, trailblazing design for spaces that people enjoy being in - and in the process, puts the architecture of the future center stage.

For the Eleventh Time: Brick Award 24

a dutch single family home, tree, plants © Lorenzo Zandri

For the Brick Award 24 an experienced preselection jury chose the best projects from among 743 entries from 54 countries on six continents. In the second round of the competition, an international jury of renowned architects evaluates the shortlisted projects and selects the winners of the individual categories as well as the overall winner. The award ceremony will take place on 6 June 2024 in Vienna. The top projects receive attractive cash prizes. The Shortlist featuring 50 special achievements in forward-looking architecture as well as the winning projects are presented in the accompanying book “Brick 24”. The submission period for the Brick Award 26 begins in December 2024. You can read more about the coveted international architecture prize here: 

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brick architecture with plant © Trieu Chien

Brick Award - Innovative clay architecture

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