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For Wienerberger, the health and safety of all our employees is a top priority whether they work at a production site or in our offices. In addition to investments in a safe working environment, training and apps, we launched an exciting new initiative from April to June to raise awareness for health and safety: The Wienerberger Health & Safety Challenge. .

The “Cool & Fun” challenge shows just how seriously we take safety at work

The Health & Safety Challenge kicked off on World Day for Safety and Health at Work in late April 2021. The Health & Safety managers in all 29 countries where the Wienerberger Group operates, and their teams were challenged to produce short entertaining videos on a specific aspect of occupational safety that shows how seriously we take this issue. It was no easy task, but the results were impressive. 

Teamwork in all countries, business units and specialist areas.

Staff from all business units and a range of specialist areas from 26 countries took part in the Wienerberger Health & Safety Challenge. The internal response was phenomenal. The videos were viewed more than 55,000 times and liked more than 1,600 times

Award for the best videos from Wienerberger’s H&S Challenge.

Impressed by the outstanding success and exceptional dedication shown in the Health & Safety Challenge, the Wienerberger Managing Board decided to award attractive prizes to the teams who made the top 10 videos. As well as a BBQ for the top three teams, there will be winner’s certificates and personalized Health & Safety jackets.

Based on the originality, production quality, commitment and the message, the following winners were selected: 

The 3 top videos from the H&S Challenge:

Two men are standing in front of a machine © Wienerberger

Wienerberger Serbia „Terminator“

Krisztian Gajdos, Nikola Isakov, Dejan Nedeljkov, Istvan Terteli, Viktor Dobo, Bela Lerinc, Krisztian Gajdos

Man, dressed as Superman, climbs up ladder © Wienerberger

Wienerberger Romania “Superman”

Delia Stroe, Sabina Pietrisi, Raluca Grigoriu, Ionel Georgian

Same man is wearing sunglasses on the left and goggles on the right © Pipelife

Pipelife Estonia “Home vs. Work”

Kristel Lembit, Marco Oolo, Kristel Lembit, Anti Orav, Marie Elise Kont, Marie Elise Kont

“A big round of applause for ALL the winning teams – it really was a difficult decision. Many thanks also to everyone who took part. Once again, you have shown how important health and safety is to us at Wienerberger.”

David Graham

Health & Safety Manager Wienerberger Piping Solution

Here are the top ten videos:

Man dressed as a clown © Pipelife

Pipelife Ireland „Who is the Clown?”

Dean Robins, Timmy Mullins, Anthony Walsh, Michael Whelan, Mark Long

Six people in protective clothing stand next to each other © Wienerberger

Wienerberger Austria „Mix-up tiles PPE“

Michael Toth, Wilfried Lechner, Johann Marchner, Denise Zöhrer, Elisabeth di Lena, Hüseyin Uyar, Christian Ried, Gerwin Schranz, Viktoria Schmidt, Dietmar Schönauer

Man with goggles is peeking around the corner © Wienerberger

Wienerberger France „Hearing Protection“

Philipp Rueff und das gesamte Team von Flines-lez-Raches

One man in protective clothing and another in a forklift are in the warehouse © Pipelife

Pipelife Norway „Stockyard Traffic“ 

Ketil Solli-Sæther Knut Livold, Lars Kristian Loe, Line Holten Bævre, Amalie Kvåle

Man in safety clothing operates machine © Wienerberger

Wienerberger Italy „LOTOTO“

Davide Prati, Alessia Ianniello, Magdalini Polyxeni Kanaka 

Man in protective clothing stands in front of a machine © Wienerberger

Wienerberger Slovakia „Working at Height”

Martin Gajanec, Boris Anetta

Five fists arranged in a circle © Semmelrock

Semmelrock Bulgaria „Teamwork – Traffic Concept” 

Lubka Marinova, Tatyana Mitreva, Ivan Kokalanov, Ivan Ivanov, Anatoli Antonov

“Collaboration between the business areas and countries is really important for learning from each other. Sharing best practices and consistent communication allow us to discuss critical issues openly with one another. In keeping with our motto 'See it, Say it, Solve it’, everyone is responsible for health and safety. We need to keep this in mind in our daily work. Take care!"

Dean Godfrey

Health & Safety Manager Wienerberger Building Solutions

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Three people in a meeting room, two women, one man © Christian Dusek


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Three people are talking, two women, one man © Daniel Hinterramskogler

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